About Us

The act of distributing food supplies is a mere way of reaching out and forming a relationship to dialogue and help our homeless friends re-integrate back into society through counselling, potential job opportunities and simply lending a willing ear that listens to them and their stories.

In essence, we consist of a group of like-minded people reaching out and paying it forward. We wish to break social stigmas over the homeless and underprivileged & to help our fellow Malaysians get back on their feet.

We aim to show our homeless friends some respect, afford them some dignity and to basically offer them hope.

Our ultimate goal is to assist our homeless friends to break out of the poverty/homelessness cycle. As such, we are constantly looking for assistance/sponsors to find sustainable solutions for this very purpose.

How We Started

Street Feeders Of KL started in late 2011 with just a handful of friends. Gary Liew who helms the group has been working with the homeless of Kuala Lumpur for the past 15 years. His roots started off at a soup kitchen Gary’s mother started in Bukit Nanas that ran and still runs Mondays to Fridays serving lunch to 100-200 homeless daily.

With the support of his friends in late 2011 they began to head out onto the streets of the city feeding 100 homeless each month, with some months giving out blankets/old clothes that they raised from a few generous individuals. Back then it was mostly internally self-funding and still is to a larger degree today.

Current Operations

In late 2014, we expanded in the wake of unfavourable headlines when the authorities in Kuala Lumpur tried to impose a two-mile radius ban on soup kitchens around the city centre. Ever since, we started to expand through word of mouth and more recently with social media. Today, the group which mostly comprises of young working adults reaches out fortnightly feeding up to 300 homeless with a team averaging 50 plus to as many as 120.

Street Feeders of KL has and always will be a grassroots people’s movement. There is no religion or politics that motivates but their big hearts and open minds act as the impetus that drives the cause. Their mission is merely to reach out to the poorest of poor and the homeless of the city.

How Can I Contribute to this Cause?

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